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Yoga: A Sustainable Practice

This program introduces learners to yoga and its potential to increase integration between exercise and mental discipline. "Yoga: A Sustainable Practice" poses the question of whether exercise is something students like to do, and, if it could be a desirable activity to them, would it be easier to incorporate into their lives on a regular basis?

Students will gain experiential understanding of key principles/concepts inherent to the practice of yoga, an appreciation of its history, as well as basic forms and structures of practice. We will engage in breathing, energy exertion, release, and movement flow in relation to yoga practice, and how those might be applied in other areas of life as well.

A central objective of the program is to deepen participants understanding of how they can empower themselves through the application of yoga principles and practices, and help prepare them to locate and participate in yoga activity in their local communities.

For availabilty with face-to-face delivery in the Great Lakes Region (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, USA; Ontario, CAN), contact marc@born2move.org, or call 920.469.0936.

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