ArkAngel Dance & Theatre
Dancing Along River Niger
Dancing Le Voyage
Flying Canoe
Japanese Dance Traditions
L2D or D2L?
Mexican Fiesta Dances
St. Nick Was a Real Person
Through Irish Eyes & Feet
Voyageur Songs & Dances
Yoga Quotient
Yoga: Sustainable Practice
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About Born 2 Move Movement Adventures

Born 2 Move Movement Adventures was started in 2004 by founder and director Marc Kotz, M.F.A. Marc has been a dancer and theatrical performer for most of his life, performing, choreographing, teaching, directing, and collaborating across the United States and abroad. Many of the projects Mr. Kotz has been involved with are either based in “classical” music theatre, world cultures, or historical dramatization. He earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Iowa in 1994, has taught at universities for twelve years, and continues to foster his love of integrating movement and performing arts into educational contexts for students of all ages through Born 2 Move Movement Adventures.

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