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"Dancing Le Voyage"  

 A King, a Priest, and a Fur Trader Track the Steps
 From Old World to New in the 17th & 18th Centuries

  • Imagine a King dancing to impress his subjects, demonstrating how he possessed the power, brilliance and radiance of the sun!
  • Marvel at a Jesuit refusing a prestigious and comfortable life in France to romance the wilds of North America where danger and obscurity ruled!
  • Admire a fearless warrior who gave his allegiance to the spirit and lifestyle of his countrymen, rather than to victory and supremacy itself!

These extraordinary persons emerge from the past and come to life with living presence in “Dancing Le Voyage”, an “edu-tainment” of first-person historical interpretation using spoken word, poetry, dance, music and imagery.
This one-person production is written, directed and choreographed by Marc Kotz, a performing artist whose work has come to embrace the significant contribution and influence that the integrated Native and French cultures have had in North America, and the Métis (Creole) People who shaped the early communities & heritage of our continent.

Watch for educational DVDs of these performances, available in fall 2014. 

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